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{Monday, February 11, 2002}

omg, if you're reading this, then you're probably a loser. or me. or both. hmm... what was i gonna say? o ya. download the song "still not a player" by Big Pun and Incubus. So freakin good! if u like rap or rock or pop or anything you'll like it! i swear! dam it's good! god i'm bored.

"up in the hot tup, poppin bubbly, rubbin your spot love, u screamin punish me, but it don't stop, watch the pun get wicked with it when i stick it even groupies be like, don't stop get it get it!"

hee hee hee, pimpin song. Go world!
posted by moira 4:09 PM
I don't know how this works. this is my first entry and ya. La la la la la. I'm bored right now. there's some homework i could be doing but u know. homework's for gays. hee hee hee, let's see how many people i can offend on here! aww, i just kidding. i throw the term "gay" around a lot as do many people i know. don't take offense. we're all gay at heart. i'mma try to post this now and see if anything happens. ok? ooooookaaay! who am i talking to? aint no one gonna read this. hmm. i guess i'm talking to god. Hi god! thanks for not making me ugly.
posted by moira 4:04 PM